There's No Point Being Profound

At least, certainly not when you're in an empty room.
I was fortunate enough to hear a short talk from Dan Debow yesterday at the Creative Destruction Lab. He covered a lot of ground, as entrepreneurs are like to do, but at one point he described the experience of being the first person working on an idea. He drove home the slog of it all.

I could relate to that notion - certainly I'm no expert in the field of start-ups but a little dabbling is all you need to learn that lesson. The beginning sucks. Nobody is there to help. You need to nurse the idea from nothing to something that you can share before you can even think about getting help. And what's important in that stage? Nothing but creating value. Not fluff, not the sales pitch, just the thing and the real tangible work you put into making it what you think it's supposed to be. There's no need to be profound.

So here's where it comes together: I have a blog now. That was the first post.

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