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Something really amazing has happened.  Seems worth a post.

I’ve done two interviews with the Varsity in the last month. One around Valentine's’ Day with writer Emaan Thaver, and then one on Wednesday with Josie Kao. Link forthcoming.  If you read the first article and I still haven’t linked the second you might have figured it out anyways.  This article should clear it all up.  Though, you’ll have to scroll to the bottom.  Trust me, I know how you feel.

In what has become my greatest undertaking, the longest shot, and now the biggest achievement I’ve ever had on Wednesday March 16th 2017, at 6:46PM, I made two people cry.  Of course that’s not the achievement, but when you see the Executive Director of your organization collapse in relief because a plan you authored worked… well that sticks with you.  Later that evening I received a very soppy message from the co-author of that plan, Katie Gwozdecky, telling me off for her tears of joy.  

The achievement was that with the incredible dedication of Katie’s Space Systems Division at the University of Toronto Aerospace Team I was able to help run a campaign to fund the launch of a microsatellite. We succeeded in all of our goals.  We secured our funding with a 54% majority vote. After just under a month of being pedal-to-the-floor to make sure it happened, it finally did.  

Of course now the team actually has to build a satellite.  So their work is far from over.  Me?  I just get to watch, and fly down to Cape Canaveral in 2019 to watch it fire off to the stars.  Ad astra.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the campaign, the project, or how we convinced shockingly frugal and cash strapped students to vote in favor of a $2.77 levy--without once making reference to the “cost of a cup of coffee” mind you--click the banner.

If you have any comments or questions about the above or anything else click here and I'd be happy to chat.

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