No One will be Seated During the Tap Performance

This past month among other things I've been working on one of my favourite hobbies. Lighting and photography. At the end of March the Hart House Festival of Dance opens a two night showcase of all genres of Dance. I don't have enough dance knowledge to tell you what those genres are but I can tell you the event will be [well] lit.

Earlier in March I was getting back into the swing of things and back in high school also designing lighting for The York School’s production of Into The Woods. I can confirm that Middle Schoolers are as easy to work with, or easier, than full grown adults.

To the adult's credit, they're full time artists and know what is possible and what they want. Just means I've got to work harder.

Last week I also did the photography for the Silhouettes Dance Company’s spring show at the Fleck Dance Theatre.  It’s the second time I’ve worked with Silhouettes and they’re a pleasure as always.  

Photography and lighting design go together very well.  It’s all about colours and the interaction of, well, light.  But whereas photography is something almost anyone can do these days--with an iPhone at that--lighting design is a weird, niche thing. It's certainly an art, and yet while I do it professionally I wouldn't call myself an artist. I think I comes down to the fact that lighting design alone can't accomplish anything. It only accents and intensifies. So you need a lot of artists around you to begin with to even consider designing lighting.

Great lighting design does nothing in an empty space with nothing happening. But in a scene of emotional torment, or a grand reveal, or its melancholic aftermath, lighting design takes poignant to powerful. It’s a strange hobby, but one which I’ve always enjoyed.  Though I’ve never mastered lighting design for a tap dance piece.  I don’t know why, but I’m sure it can’t be done.

If you’re in Toronto on March 31st and April first you should head to Hart House for the Festival of Dance.  It’ll be lit.  

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