Update: Ad astra

A while back I wrote a detailed recount of the campaign and success of a levy I helped orchestrate to fund the launch of a nanosatellite into low Earth orbit for the study of naturally occurring intestinal flora.  

Turns out when you convince 40,000 students to give $2.77 a session to a scientific project of that scale, you get some attention.  

A quick follow-up to that post: 

Last week my co-orchestrater, Katie, went to Utah to present a paper and posted that her and I authored to describe the process of securing a student levy for a project of that type, and the potential applications that that sort of funding strategy could have for similar projects.  

You can find that paper, among others, here

Launch for the satellite itself is now scheduled for late 2019 or early 2020 in Andhra Pradesh (I think), India.  

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